We are a roofing and siding business servicing sussex county for 25 years
Jim Lame established Above and Beyond Contracting, a roofing and siding company, in 1992. During his 25 years as a professional roofer, Jim learned that one of the most common causes of leaky roofs is a deteriorated pipe flange. Roofs have one to four vent pipes usually located above homes kitchens and bathrooms. Most roofers charge $300 to replace one pipe flange and $750 to replace all four. In addition, roofers have to remove the shingles surrounding the flange to replace it. If the shingles are undamaged, roofers can reinstall them. If the shingles are damaged, roofers must buy a new bundle of shingles. This can cost the homeowner anywhere from $375 to $625 and result in an unsightly mismatch of different colored shingles.

Jim knew there had to be a long lasting, inexpensive solution to this program. So, he established Sterling Hill Innovations in 2011 and invented the Pipe Vent Shield. Made from 70 to 90 Durometer EPDM Rubber, the Shield costs a mere $24.95 and takes only minutes to install. It also comes with a 3 year manufacturers guarantee.

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